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"Change happens. Progress is a choice. Perhaps it's time to rethink everything."

This is Real Life Training with Leaha Mattinson

The Author

When Leaha tested gene positive for Huntington’s disease–an incurable genetic illness that attacks the mind and body–she was devastated. Suddenly, her life as a busy working mother of two was turned upside down, and the future was terrifying.

But Leaha knew she had a choice to make: either exist in a perpetual state of fear or take charge of her own destiny and make the most of every day. Leaha shares her life story in her book “Silver Linings: The Essential Guide to Building Courage, Self-Respect, and Wellness.”

She has also penned “The Silver Linings Course Correction Guide” as a companion to “Silver Linings”, filled with thoughtful questions, nurturing exercises, and spirit-affirming insights. This workbook will raise your personal insight and inspire you to face any challenge with confidence, grace, and joy.

The Life Coach and Speaker

As a life and executive coach, she guides her clients toward self-improvement by helping them resolve underlying fears, interrupt bad habits, and break through barriers in order to achieve their goals.

She is also a speaker, addressing topics such as stress management, finding courage, discovering purpose, living in uncertainty, and facing terminal illness.

And Leaha currently hosts her own 3-Day Dive Deep Retreats exclusively for women, helping them to unlearn negative habits and break unwanted emotional states of mind to eliminate self-destructive behaviours.

The Radio Show Host

In her own radio program that reaches to global audiences, Leaha teams up with writer and presenter Dr. Howard Rankin to provide inspiration, insight and intelligence that will help you Master Your Life.

Everyone has challenges on their journey and Leaha and Howard are no exception. However, they combine their personal experiences with expertise and knowledge to provide powerful tools to help listeners regain control of their lives.

They also bring a vast array of inspirational and insightful guests who add wisdom and practical advice. If you need direction in any area of your life, this entertaining and empowering show is for you. Master Your Life Radio.

Silver Linings


Real Life Reflections

Master Your Life Radio


“Within six months I completed my advanced certification that I had been struggling with and had failed before and then I earned a key role in a large oil company. Thanks to Leaha's coaching, and my willingness to work, I 'became a better me' and continue to do so daily!”


“I didn't realize that my head injuries were causing my daily rages. Thanks to a simple intervention, I have my wellness and family back.”


“It is a direct result of Leaha's training that we won a hard-fought Provincial Gold.”

Norm SancheSherwood Park Titans Head Coach

“Thank you. You are a true inspiration. Just something in return. The point of discipline is once but the pain and agony of regret is forever. Wishing you success and happiness.”

Bill Ristol

“I just wanted to say thanks again! It's important to me to have someone to turn to with such great ideas but have really high energy, passion, and clarity. I need to have those qualities in someone that I look up to to take their suggestions to heart. I knew right away that I had to talk to you!"”

Dr. Corey Bearss

“Leaha Mattinson is a deep, soulful, funny, resilient, powerful, woman who is a real 'stand' for others to overcome - and beyond overcoming - to thrive!”

Jannette AndersonExpansionist at Positive Results