Silver Linings: Leaha Mattinson

When a dark cloud hangs over you, how do you live a life that shines?

When Leaha Mattinson tested gene positive for Huntington's disease--an incurable genetic illness that attacks the mind and body--she was devastated. Suddenly, her life as a busy working mother of two was turned upside down, and the future was terrifying. But Leaha knew she had a choice to make: either exist in a perpetual state of fear or take charge of her own destiny and make the most of every day.

Drawing from her experience as a life and executive coach, as well as her background in fitness, Leaha developed a plan to keep her brain and body in peak condition, halt the onset of HD, and live each day to the fullest, no matter what. So far her efforts have paid off, and she is enjoying vibrant health. In Silver Linings she shares her amazing journey in a way that showcases her courage, wisdom, and quirky sense of humor.

Every human being will experience life-changing trials that provoke anxiety and worry. Leaha's story, written in a coffee shop over a series of icy nights in Canada, resonates with all readers and reminds us of the universal challenge to persevere without letting our circumstances define us. Silver Linings will encourage anyone facing illness or any other type of hardship to live consciously and joyfully...however daunting the future seems.

The Silver Linings Course Correction Guide: Leaha Mattinson

Your nurturing journey begins now with this companion workbook to Silver Linings.

The Silver Linings Course Correction Guide is your roadmap for applying Leaha’s philosophies to your own life. Filled with thoughtful questions, nurturing exercises, and spirit-affirming insights, this companion workbook will raise your personal insight and inspire you to face any challenge with confidence, grace, and joy.

Here is the truth: You can and must correct your own course. Storms are a guaranteed part of life. But what you choose to do, say, think, and feel in the thunder and lightning will determine the quality of your journey and the journey of those around you. The Silver Linings Course Correction Guide is a compass to help you assess where you are right now and determine where you would like to be. It provides the tools to get back on course and live a brave, integrity-driven, full-hearted life.

The exercises in this guide are inspired by topics discussed in Silver Linings: The Essential Guide to Building Courage, Self-Respect and Wellness. Feel free to complete them as you read Silver Linings or explore them separately any time you need a healthy dose of direction and love.

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